Dance and Movement Therapy
DMT is creative form of therapy focusing on body-mind- connection in the power of
dance & movement to enhance emotional, cognitive and behavioral wellbeing.
  • Anxiety, depression
  • Nutrition disorders
  • ADHD
  • Autism
  • Prophylactic, for personal development and improving the quality of life

Research has found that using dance movements as a form of therapy activates several brain functions at once: kinesthetic, rational, musical, and emotional. This type of movement requires mental, physical, and emotional strength to work simultaneously.Dance therapy is found to have beneficial results on children who have been abused. Research has found that this therapy is a useful form of support and intervention for these children. Through a case study with a sexually abused female, the researcher stated that the individual felt a sense of empowerment after the dance therapy sessions and reported greater success in school. The individual also felt a stronger sense of self-confidence and a higher view of self-esteem. The study states that using dance therapy would be a beneficial experience in a multi-disciplinary treatment for abused and neglected children.

Another researcher studied the effects of dance therapy with children at risk of abuse and their relationship with their mothers. During this study, mothers and their children were surveyed on their relationship prior to the session, asking questions regarding their communication, physical touch, and sense of security felt by the child. After the dance therapy session, the participants were surveyed again with the same measure. The results reported a stronger bond between mother and child. The participants reported a stronger sense of belonging in the pair and felt more openness in terms of communication. Through dance therapy practices, these mother and daughter pairs were able to develop a starting point in rebuilding their relationship.

Another research study completed with children in psychiatry also showed a positive relationship with this type of therapy. The ending result was a newfound cohesion among children who were previously labeled disorderly and misbehaved. The participants reported an increase in self-confidence and a positive body image after the dance intervention. The children had stronger communication and social skills, such as team work, after the dance intervention. (source: Wikipedia)

Main advantages of DMT fr kids:

  • Social Interactions 
  • Attunement 
  • Joyfulness
  • Relaxation 

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