Basic Clothes for Preschoolers

Slip-on slippers
Athletic outfit for gymnastics (in a bag) - tracksuit, T-shirt, shorts
Extra clothes (t-shirt and long sleeve shirt, pants/skirt, two pairs of socks, two pairs of
underwear, tights) Plastic bag for dirty clothes

Sleeping clothes - for children who will be napping

Bedding: pillow, quilt or blanket, pillowcases, bed sheet. Clean pajamas and bed linen should be provided no less than every two weeks.

Outside Clothes - appropriate for the season and weather

Winter: warm jacket, insulating and waterproof pants, snow boots, waterproof gloves, scarf, hat, and sweater or fleece
Spring and Autumn: rain jacket, sweatshirt, hat, rubber boots for rainy days
Summer: airy clothes for sunny days, hat or other head protection

Hygiene Items

Toothbrush and Toothpaste. (toothbrush should be replaced no less than every two
Hairbrush (for girls)
Children using diapers - disposable diapers

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