Who We Are

Children’s Excitement, Competence, Happiness

We are a group of educators who care about the happiness of the child, their emotions, well-being and innate desire to learn.

We aim to make the few years spent in Land of Emotions Preschool the beginning of a child’s road to a successful family, school and professional life, and help shape them into people who skillfully use their emotions to attract happiness to their lives.

Our goal is to support your children at every stage of their development, so that they can discover and develop their individual skills. We work with the children, listen to their emotions, and read the messages that they are telling us. This allows us to reach the heights of their individual skills and talents.

The Emotional Development Institute (IRE), has unique expertise, methods and tools that give the preschool’s team and parents guidance on how to help their child develop emotional intelligence, and thus prepare them for further success in the development of all spheres in his life.

Friendly Atmosphere

Dialogue, Cooperation, Educational Space
For us a positive relationship between child and parent is crucial. Each family is treated individually, with appreciation of the openness and honesty of our mutual relationship. We’ve created comfortable conditions for the children to explore the world of emotions, deal with them efficiently, and develop individual skills and interests. In turn, parents, are encouraged to actively participate and accompany their child in their preschool life.
Emotion Land Preschool is located in Warsaw's Mokotów district, with an area of over 550 m2, right at the entrance of the housing estate Marina.

The area of Land of Emotions consists of:

  • 5 spacious and well-sunlit classrooms with separate corners of interest
  • 5 bathrooms adapted to the needs of the children (including for disabilities)
  • Relaxation Zone
  • Extracurricular Activities Classroom
  • Spacious cloakroom
  • Private garden
  • Kitchen and facilities
  • Office

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