The advantage of the program is a consciously combined and prepared sets of methods including creative gymnastics by R. Laban K.Orffa, rhythmic gymnastics by A. and M. Kniessów, movement development methods by W. Sherborne, and R.Przyborowskiej’s-method of “Wynimko Rhythms.” The aim of preschool education includes the concern of the children’s health and their physical fitness, therefore encourages participation in active games and sports.
  • Children learn to imitate and independently perform simple physical exercises
  • Children learn to interact and cooperate with a partner
  • Children learn to use their own imagination and ingenuity 
  • Children learn the principles of safety while working or playing
  • Children improve their speed, agility and strength
  • Exercises reinforce strength of the arms legs and body, and improve posture
  • Children derive joy fun from the activities

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