Healthy cooking workshops
The aim of the workshop is to shape children’s healthy eating habits. Cooking with preschoolers is not only fun and time spent together but also learning that will pay off in the future.
The basis of the workshop is to discuss the latest “Pyramid of nutrition” as the fundamental principles of healthy eating. When cooking together, we use seasonal vegetables and fruits from a proven organic farm.
In class, children have the opportunity to prepare delicious and healthy snacks – of course without sugar. Instead, we use sweets like real honey, maple syrup or dates.
The joint preparation of dishes encourages and enhances every preschooler giving him great satisfaction during tasting the “work” he made himself.
Let’s remember that inviting children from an early age to the joint preparation of dishes is one of the most important ways of shaping healthy eating habits.
After each workshop, parents receive recipes for family cooking at home!

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