Science Workshops
The purpose of the workshop is to be exposed to the basic phenomena of physics, mathematics, logic and astronomy. The workshops are fun and engaging, that draw and delight children. The essential feature of the project is the nature of the inquiry – projects are not pre-planned, but take a student-centered approach where from children’s questions in response a phenomena lead the class. This interdisciplinary method works well with children from two years of age. The aim of the workshop is to develop children’s logical thinking, cognitive curiosity, and abilities in questioning, experimentation, reaching a conclusion, and practicing the ability to cooperate in a group.
  • Boosts children’s interest and curiosity
  • Classes boost technical interest in children
  • Children learn or work as a team 
  • Children learn the process of scientific problem solving
  • Children learn to pose questions and produce answers
  • Children learn to make independent decisions
  • Children learn about the phenomena of nature and the physical world around them

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