Musical Therapy
Music therapy is a means of easing the condition of blocked emotions and learning to express one’s feelings- both positive and negative. Consciously chosen music can trigger emotional processes, and stimulate emotional activity, especially those concerning the conflict pathogenic experience. The initial phase of introducing children to a new form of music-making includes verbal improvisation, melodies, and is based on current verses, sayings, proverbs, and rhymes. Diverse, sometimes humorous texts, become material for improvisation and explaining many musical concepts. 
Standardized Music Therapy classes support:
  • Mental relaxation and physical reduction of anxiety and aggression 
  • Allows the child to restore inner balance
  • Regulates emotions
  • Unlocks emotional inhibitions and defuses tension
Children participating in this activity experiences the following effects:
  • Significant improvement in relations between peers 
  • Raised level of emotional sensitivity 
  • Increased the level of openness to others
  • Better understanding of others’ feelings

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