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Our Mission

Emotional Intelligence

We want to help shape each child’s unique and colorful personality, their competency, as well teach them to be loving and familiar with their own being, and develop a strong value in self-worth.

Our goal is to make sure each child coming from our preschool is equipped with a range of emotional and social skills, which will be the key to further success in the near future, and in any sphere of life.

Our mission is to provide every child with a high quality educational program for early childhood, through which a warm atmosphere, the freedom to understand one’s emotions, learn to appropriately react to them, and develop one’s social skills is provided.

Our program of emotional intelligence development:

Expert’s Opinion

„Parents’ love is not enough. To be able to cope with life, each of us needs to obtain the emotional and social skills that are the key to success in every sphere of our lives.”

Marc Brackett, Ph.D
Director, Center for Emotional Intelligence at Yale University

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