French Lessons

After English, French is the most spoken language in the world.

By philosophers, French is considered a language of analysis, which grants precise structure of thought and criticism, therefore useful in negotiation and discussion. Thanks to this knowledge, we develop the abilities of critical thinking, reasoning, and taking a variety of points of view. Learning takes place through play and this knowledge is seen as a must for well-educated people.
Each class begins with ritual songs that carry children to the magical world of Little
France, where one speaks only in the language taught. Learning takes place through relevant conversation between children based on everyday topics, which allows them to express their needs, feelings, tastes and preferences. To help them do this and make classes colorful and engaging, we use very rich materials prepared by us, such as:
original melodic songs, built with sentences for communication, original language games, worksheets, mini theatrical skits, photographic stories, comics, etc.
  •  Accurately structures thought and criticism
  • Is useful in negotiations and discussions
  • Thanks to this knowledge, critical thinking, argumentation and the ability to see multiple points of view is developed
  • People familiar with the language are considered to be better educated

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