Chinese Lessons

The advantage of learning this language is that the emphasis is placed on the practice of correct pronunciation.

Children up to 10 years of age unconsciously imitate their teacher’s speech, but after this period of life, this ability disappears and the ear becomes accustomed to the Polish language. It is easier to teach a foreign language to children as they, learn
associatively through play and situational contexts, therefore absorbing foreign words more quickly. They first instigate interest, get acquainted with the culture, and cultivate the pronunciation. Learning Chinese in preschool can be a good start for learning that the child will be able to continue and transfer later on in their life.

Chinese is taught through fun activities – singing, drawing, motor activities, and watching
cartoons. There are two teachers involved- the Polish teacher who supervises the teaching methods and keeps parents informed about their child’s progress, and the Chinese teacher with experience and qualifications in teaching children. The teachers hold a Preschool and School Teaching Certificate . Classes are taught in Chinese and therefore the child quickly and naturally learns new expressions, and unconsciously reacts to commands and intuitively understands the teacher (who assists in the gestures and tone of voice).
  • Practicing correct pronunciation
  • Learning to manipulate symbols
  • Learning to build new concepts
  • Developing curiosity
  • Learning openness and tolerance

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