Art Therapy
Art classes focus on the development and practice of fine motor skills, for example. the efficiency of hands and fingers prepare children to learn to type. Using crayons or charcoal and finger painting on large surfaces, and the gradual shift to using crayons, and pencils during basic exercises develop readiness for learning to write. During art classes the child attempts to portray their emotions, and their aesthetic, sensory impressions in order to maintain mental balance. Children learn to express natural phenomena, moods associated with the seasons, and emotional states using various well-known and popular techniques and artistic means.
    Regular classes of art therapy benefit:
    • Release of emotional build up
    • Open outlook towards contact with others
    • Help one to look inwards 
    • Develop intelligence
    • Centralize perception
    • Develop artistic sensitivity
    • Increase openness
    • Deepen trust in others 
    • Increase self-worth 
    • Help children overcome fears and anxieties
    Children participating in this activity:
    • Are more open
    • Establish contacts with peers and create friendships
    • Smile often in response to group work
    • Have stimulated imagination
    • Are prepared to learn to write
    • Safely and freely reveal their personality

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